How It Works

Safeguarding Your Assets With A Stability-Centric Approach

At Rooster Equity Partners, we target prime assets within strong U.S. markets, focusing on avenues where tangible value can emerge from streamlined operations, revenue-boosting initiatives, and strategic capital enhancements to increase value.

Our investment offerings are designed to provide investors exposure to multiple markets and asset classes, providing a hedge against economic downturns and market volatility.

Opting for commercial real estate and alternative asset investments has never been more straightforward. Grow your portfolio, fortify your capital, and broaden your asset base in one seamless step with commercial real estate investing.

Why Diversify With Commercial Real Estate?

Traditionally, commercial real estate has proven to be a compelling hedge against inflation, offering more stability than the stock market and independence from typical market fluctuations. It stands as a pivotal inclusion for any diversified portfolio. With commercial real estate and alternative asset investments, you have the opportunity to channel your funds into robust markets and asset classes nationwide, all without the hassles of scouting deals or overseeing teams. Simply invest, and allow us to handle the intricacies on your behalf.

Passive Real Estate Investing Gives You…




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How It Works

Step 1: Join

Start by joining the Rooster Investor Club, a community of people just like you, who are looking to create passive income and generational wealth

Step 2: Learn

Once you join, we’ll take some time to learn more about you and your goals, share valuable resources, & work with you to find opportunities that accelerate your progress.

Step 3: Invest

We’ll help you invest passively in commercial real estate and alternative assets so you can create passive income and grow your wealth.

Step 4: Enjoy

With every investment, you’re getting your money working harder, building an additional stream of passive income, and experiencing more freedom of time.

Protect, Preserve, Prosper: Our Commitment to Stable Investments

You know a diversified and risk-adjusted portfolio can withstand most market fluctuations. But finding the right teams and stablized spelled stabilized investment opportunities can be difficult unless you work inside the industry.

We seek to provide exclusive investment opportunities that focus on protecting, preserving, and growing your capital. We invest alongside our Investor Club Members and perform the ongoing asset management duties of every deal. This is real estate investing without the burden and hassles of individual asset management.

What We Invest In

At Rooster Equity Partners, we identify opportunistic investment opportunities across a wide range of assets, locations, and business strategies. Below are some (but not all!) of the types investments that we share with our investors. Join the Rooster Investor Club today to gain access to the risk-adjusted offerings we share with our investors.

Retail Triple Net (NNN) Properties

We invest in assets that utilize Triple Net Leases to generate positive monthly cash flow with minimal costs and long-term tenants. These assets are lower risk investments that are more recession resistant.

Industrial and Medical Properties

We invest in properties used for industrial purposes - like fulfillment centers for online shopping - as well as medical facilities that are built well and are in strong, growing markets.

Preferred Equity

You as the investor would sit behind the senior loan but ahead of common equity. That means that, in a capital event, preferred equity investors would get paid out ahead of other investors.

Expand Your Portfolio Today

Begin reviewing our investment offerings by becoming a member of our Rooster Investor Club.

We’ll provide insights into market dynamics, explore investment strategy, and help you reach your investing goals.