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A Stability-Focused Strategy To Protect And Grow Your Wealth

For the seasoned investor, true wealth isn’t found in high-stakes gambles or ephemeral assets. You understand the importance of risk-mitigated returns and comprehensive diversification across various asset classes, all to safeguard your capital while ensuring sustained portfolio growth.

At Rooster Equity Partners, this is how we operate. We pin-point and rigorously evaluate risk-mitigated commercial real estate and alternative assets located in America’s high-potential markets. Our team completes rigorous analysis and robust stress-testing for each investment opportunity, ensuring they can withstand a changing market to continue providing you portfolio growth and ongoing tax benefits.

Meet The Founder

Ben Kogut, Founder of Rooster Equity Partners.

With a degree from the University of Texas, I quickly found the commercial real estate investing world through my mentors. It was an immediate fit. Over the next 20 years, I grew from the youngest broker in Texas to achieving the prestigious CCIM certification and establishing my own brokerage. This led me into the world of commercial real estate and alternative assets.

However, it wasn’t until I began personally investing passively in our deals that I realized the power of wealth building with commercial real estate. Since then, I’ve invested in over 45 deals and exponentially increased my portfolio in a risk-adjusted manner.

Today with Rooster Equity Partners, I draw upon my experience in a variety of sectors—ranging from retail, office, and medical to industrial, mobile home, land, and more—to offer these kinds of investment opportunities to my friends and family.

In my community, I serve on the board of the Jewish National Fund and represent Austin, TX on the Jewish Federations of North America. In my free time, I love playing pickleball, traveling, hiking, and playing with my Goldendoodle, Mazzy. 

My last name, Kogut, means Rooster in Polish. This symbol has brought me wisdom and perseverance through my career. It’s about anticipating the bright prospects on the horizon, every day for my investors. Join me.

Our Team









Strategic Advisors

Julie Lam & Annie Dickerson

Goodegg Investments

Annie Dickerson and Julie Lam are the co-founders and managing partners at Goodegg Investments, a company that helps people learn about and invest passively in group real estate investments called syndications. They also co-authored Investing for Good: The Surprising Strategy for Building Wealth While Also Making an Impact> to further educate families on the benefits of investing in real estate.

Goodegg Investments has syndicated 8,000+ multifamily units, worth over $1B. As a real estate investment company, they focus on preserving and growing investor capital by identifying conservative investment opportunities that are acquired and managed by experienced partners who have a proven track record of success.

Jason Mittman, CCIM & SEC

Only Epic Holdings

Jason is passionate about family, friends, the outdoors, commercial real estate, public speaking, and business coaching. He is a competitive athlete and a mountaineer.

He is a licensed Texas Real Estate Broker, CCIM, Society of Exchange Counselors (SEC) Member, and holds a degree in business from U.T.S.A. Jason has over 25 years of Real Estate expertise including analysis, sourcing, development, construction, leasing, finance, acquisition, disposition, and brokerage. Mittman has invested in, owned and developed across the spectrum of real estate including medical office, multi-family, multi-tenant retail, land, hospitality, & single tenant assets.

Jason has worked on complex commercial transactions with a variety of issues including entitlement, environmental, lease, finance, cross-easement, eminent domain, foreclosure, defeasance, development, and re-development. Jason has negotiated difficult leases, development and construction, as well as building purchases and sales with a long list of companies.  Jason has invested in real estate in Texas, Colorado, Utah, Ohio, Michigan, and Tennessee.

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